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Learn how to serve all different sizes of birthday or wedding cake whether it’s for a small treat for three or a party of fifty people!

What is a cake portion?

Deciding on the perfect cake size for any occasion can be daunting. How do you ensure everyone gets a slice? Introducing our comprehensive guide to cake sizes and their serving portions!

Understanding the right cake size is pivotal, whether you’re crafting a homemade masterpiece or placing an order at your favorite bakery. Dive deep into this guide to discover the intricacies of cake sizes, their shapes, and the typical number of servings each size yields. Say goodbye to cake shortages or overestimations – we’ve got you covered.

Ever wondered what constitutes a single serving of cake? The size can vary based on the event and the cake’s overall dimensions. Broadly, cake servings are categorized into two types: the finger portion and the dessert portion. Read on to grasp the subtle differences and make informed decisions for your next celebration.



When we talk about a finger portion, we’re referring to a slice approximately the width of a finger, measuring around 1″ in width and 5″ in height. This serving size is a popular choice for occasions such as afternoon teas or weddings, especially when there’s an array of dessert options available.



A dessert portion stands out as being more generous than the finger portion, with dimensions approximately 2” in width and 5” in height. This serving size is the top pick for occasions like birthdays and parties, especially when the cake is the star dessert attraction.

Cake portion guide for square cakes

Round cakes have long been the favored choice for myriad events, embodying a classic silhouette recognized across various cake designs. Ever wondered why the majority of cakes are circular? Delve into the history of cake baking, and you’ll discover that round cake pans were predominantly accessible in the early days. This historical tidbit is just one of the numerous reasons contributing to their enduring popularity.

When it comes to serving, round cakes have an edge, especially for more substantial portions. Initiating your slice from the central point and progressing outward ensures consistently sized pieces. 

Cake portion guide for square cakes

Square cakes are a standout choice for events with expansive guest lists. Not only are they simpler to portion, but they also typically yield more servings than a round cake of equivalent size.

Furthermore, the expansive surface area of square cakes is a decorator’s dream, offering ample space for intricate and lavish designs. If you’re planning an event that demands both quantity and aesthetic appeal, square cakes are the way to go.

What size cake do I need?

Cakes come in all shapes and sizes!

Selecting the right cake shape and size depends on the occasion, required servings, and your personal taste. Consult our summary below to find the perfect cake for any event.

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